CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic



CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Strategic
People Management
Workshop Dates – Cohort 1

Dates 7CO03 Personal effectiveness, ethics and business acumen Time
Be able to model principles and values that promote inclusivity
aimed at maximising the contribution that people make to
Be able to achieve and maintain challenging business outcomes for
yourself and organisations.
Be able to apply learning to enhance personal effectiveness.
Be able to influence others during decision making while showing
courage and conviction.
Self-directed study – group activities and research


Dates 7CO04 Business research in people practice Time
Be able to plan a people practice business research project aimed
at adding organisational value.
Be able to justify the most appropriate research methods to collect
data for the chosen project
Be able to analyse data to make decisions and provide business
and people management insights.
Be able to propose recommendations based on conclusions
derived from the research and analysis.


Dates 7CO01 Work and working lives in a changing business
Understand ways in which major, long-term environmental
developments affect employment, work and people management
in organisations.
Understand current and short term developments in the people
management business environment
Understand how change, innovation and creativity can promote
improvements in organisational productivity.
Understand the key interrelationships between organisational
commitment to ethics, sustainability, diversity and wellbeing.


Dates 7CO02 People management and development strategies for
Understand the benefits of aligning people practices with
organisational strategy and culture.
Understand how the development of people practices improve
organisational performance and employee experience
Understand current practice in major areas of people
management and development work
Understand the role and influence of people professionals in
different organisational settings.


Dates 7HR01 Strategic employment relations Time
Understand different perspectives on employment relations and
how they influence the roles of people professionals and line
Understand how external institutions can shape employment
relations at organisational level.
Understand how people professionals can work with employees
and trade unions to sustain mutuality and voice.
Understand how people professionals work with employees and
trade unions to mitigate organisational risks


Dates 7HR02 Resourcing and talent management to sustain success Time
Understand the impact of the changing business environment on
resourcing and talent management strategy and practice.
Understand organisational recruitment and selection strategies.
Understand the importance of succession planning to support
sustainable organisational performance.
Understand approaches to improving individual and team


Dates 7HR03 Strategic reward management Time
Understand effective reward strategies and policy frameworks.
Understand the value of a ‘total rewards’ approach.
Understand pay structures and approaches to establishing pay


Understand the importance of organisational approaches to
compliant and ethical reward practice.

Along with the above modules, you are required to complete one of the
below optional units of your choice, (Online on demand or online live).

Dates 7OS01 Advanced employment law in practice Time
TBC Understand the legal framework for employment regulation in the
Understand the legal framework for employment regulation in the
Understand law in relation to establishment, alteration and
termination of employment contracts.
Understand compliance in relation to further regulations relevant
to major areas of people practice.


Dates 7OS02 Learning and development practice Time
TBC Understand the external environment and internal organisational
context for learning and development.
Understand the design, delivery and impact of learning and
development interventions.
Understand major theories of organisational learning and the
characteristics of the learning organisation.
Understand the role and application of technology within the
design, delivery and impact measurement of learning.


Dates 7OS03 Technology enhanced learning Time


TBC Understand major technological developments and their impact
upon the design and practice of learning and development.
Understand a variety of technological solutions and their
relevance within learning and development.
Understand the implementation of learning technologies within
Understand the role of data in improving the effectiveness of
organisational learning and development provision.


Dates 7OS04 Advanced diversity and inclusion Time
TBC Understand the concepts of diversity and inclusion.
Understand the theoretical insights, segregation and inequality in
the UK labour market.
Understand the legal, moral and business cases for managing
diversity and developing a culture of inclusion.
Understand the effectiveness of workplace approaches to
managing diversity and developing inclusive workplace cultures.


Dates 7OS05 Managing people in an international context Time


TBC Understand how major strategic and contextual forces shape the
management of people in international organisations.
Understand how and why people management practice varies
between different countries and regions across the world.
Be able to manage staffing and employment practices in
international organisations.


Understand effective and sustainable people management
activities in international contexts.


Dates 7OS06 Well-being at work Time
TBC Understand how well-being is relevant to the workplace.
Understand the links between work, health, well-being and people
management practices and processes.
Understand how employer and employee well-being aligns with
Understand the importance of the well-being strategy to sustain
organisational performance.


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