CIPD Level 5 Diploma in People Management



Dates 5CO03 Professional behaviours and valuing people Time
17/08/21 Be able to demonstrate professional and ethical behaviours, in the
context of people practice.
Be able to champion inclusive and collaborative strategies for
building positive working relationships.
Be able to demonstrate personal commitment to learning,
professional development and performance improvement.


Dates 5CO01 Organisational performance and culture in practice Time
Understand the connections between organisational structure,
strategy and the business operating environment.
Understand organisational culture and theoretical perspectives
on how people behave at work.
Understand how people practice supports the achievement of
business goals and objectives.


Dates 5CO02 Evidence-based practice Time
Understand strategies for effective critical thinking and decision
Understand the importance of decision-making strategies to solve
people practice issues.


Be able to measure the impact and value of people practice to the


Dates 5HR01 Employment relationship management Time
Understand employee voice, engagement, and practices to
support better working lives.
Understand different forms of conflict behaviour and dispute
Understand how to manage performance, disciplinary and
grievance matters lawfully.
Understand the role of employee bodies in employment


Dates 5HR02 Talent management and workforce planning Time
Understand key contemporary labour market trends and their
significance for workforce planning.
Understand the purpose and importance of workforce planning.


Understand the purpose and impact of effective talent
Understand the importance of managing contractual
arrangements and effective onboarding.


Date 5HR03 Reward for performance and contribution Time
Understand the impact of reward approaches and packages.
Be able to develop insight from benchmarking data to inform
reward approaches
Understand the role of people professionals in supporting
line managers to make reward decisions


Dates 5OS04 People management in
an international context

Understand people practice from an international perspective

Understand the challenges of people practice in an
international context
Understand the importance of people practice in an
international context
Understand the process and benefits of managing expatriates

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