COSO Internal Control-Integrated Framework

الحوكمة والمراجعة الداخلية


Course Overview 


This is a program focused to educate about the updated COSO internal control framework along with exercises and use-cases for a practical demonstration. This course will enable the attendee to effectively design, implement and then monitor the internal control system.


Participants will have an extensive understanding of the fundamental concepts, principles and different aspects of the COSO internal control-integrated framework by the end of this training.


Course Duration 

2 Days


Course Content


This program initiates by defining internal control along with its various examples and types. It delivers a solid foundation of the internal control framework with various objectives, components, and principles of internal components. Participants will learn about roles & responsibilities for internal controls, limitations & weaknesses of a control framework, leveraging COSO, and fallouts of poorly designed controls.


Furthermore, the attendees will learn to create & manage the internal control system. Participants will be demonstrated with risk identification & mitigation, control activities & documentations, costs & benefits, internal control automation & monitoring, and conducting an internal audit to manage internal control deficiencies.



Who Should Attend?

Senior auditors, internal auditors, external auditors, audit manager, and audit directors will benefit the most from this internal control framework course.

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