Corporate Governance

الحوكمة والمراجعة الداخلية


Course Overview 


Participants will be able to leverage organizational governance to define and attain the organization’s objectives while establishing and monitoring organizational processes with the help of this program. Corporate governance course will enable attendees to maintain relationships among the organization’s management, its shareholders, and the stakeholders. Furthermore, this course also covers various aspects including government regulations, external governance, and many more. Different vital emerging issues related to corporate governance including succession plans, diversity & inclusion, shareholder activism, and cyber threats will also be covered in this program.

Course Duration 

1 Day

Course Content

The course begins with a concise introduction and roadmap to Corporate governance. Attendees will get to learn about governance in various sectors such as the government sector and the public sector while providing concepts, elements, researches, and studies. Thee involvement of governance with economic and human development will also be covered. Lastly, this program will conclude with the application of governance in international practices.


Who Should Attend?

Corporate governance course can be valuable to directors, governance professionals, board members, audit committee members, company secretaries, corporate counsel, top management, investors, fund managers, regulators, securities exchange officials, lawyers, and legislators.


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