The Balanced Scorecard

القيادة والإدارة


Course Overview 


The balanced scorecard course will educate the attendees to develop a strategy map, define the balanced scorecard and implement best practices for strategic execution in the organization. The attendee will be able to leverage the Balanced scorecard as a proven & effective strategic tool to capture and describe goals of the organization as meaningful objectives at corporate, divisional and individual levels. The balanced scorecard provides the means of unifying organizational goals and applying successful techniques to fulfil them.


Course Duration 

1 Day


Course Content

This single-day course starts with the importance of the balanced scorecard as a performance management tool. It will describe the importance of mission, vision and core values to drive the organization. It will teach to define performance objectives, finalize measures, setting targets and prioritizing initiatives. Attendees will also learn to use the balanced scorecard to allocate resources strategically, link compensation to performance and maintain the balanced scorecard.


Who Should Attend?


Business owners, performance analysts, strategy managers, business school students, consultants, top management and organizational decision-makers would benefit greatly by attending this course.

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