Digital marketing

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Course Overview 



This digital marketing course will empower the attendee to leverage social media platforms for digital identity and customer engagement. It will educate about how to plan, implement and analyze digital strategies for effective digital marketing. The course will equip the attendee with the best tools to perform necessities including copywriting, creative direction, sales, digital content, etc.


The participant will be able to benefit from the latest developments in digital advertising, data analytics, and predictive modeling. An individual can conduct effective digital marketing campaigns that can directly impact the organization's growth and offer a great Return on Investment.

Course Duration 

1 Day


Course Content


The course will initiate by defining the Digital marketing channel mix and progress to cover the implementation of Integrated digital marketing, understanding & implementation of Predictive analysis and Predictive marketing across different channels. It will teach to optimize the return of investment for the organization. The course will conclude with the future of Integrated digital marketing with mobile, video and Artificial Intelligence.


Who Should Attend?


This is an ideal course for professionals working into digital marketing, startup owners, entrepreneurs and aspiring individuals pursuing digital marketing skills.

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