Succession Planning

إدارة الموارد البشرية


Course Overview 

This course is tailored to enable attendees to recognize extraordinary talent and to develop a skillful successor in advance as part of the succession planning. Succession planning plays an essential role as there's an increase in the demand for specialized expertise. This course will educate attendees to not only retain employees but to nurture them in advance.



 Course Description


This is a single day course that covers succession planning fundamentals for vital and mission-critical positions in the organization. This course also provides knowledge of preparing the right candidate for the probable vacant position to ensure smooth business conduct and continues growth of the organization.


Course Duration 

1 Day


Course Content


The course starts with the basics of succession planning, including defining succession planning and its needs. The course advances to fundamentals of succession planning such as analyzing risks & available resources, defining roles & responsibilities, accumulating information, forecasting needs, defining succession plan & implementing it, and lastly, evaluating the effectiveness of the plan.


Who Should Attend?


This course will extensively benefit individuals who manage teams to meet organizational targets such as human resource professionals, project managers, team leaders, company executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

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