Operational Planning

ريادة الأعمال


Course Overview 


This is a single day course that enables participants to prepare and implement an operational plan by teaching them the required skills and knowledge. This course will help the attendee to analyze operational performance, plan resource acquisition, and prepare performance reports.


Participants will study options and mitigation plans for scenarios faced in operation planning. Any individual will be able to prepare favorable operational plans and contribute to the growth of the organization.


Course Duration 

1 Day


Course Content


This course covers vital topics about organizational planning, including complete process overview, defining a purpose, developing & implementing an operational plan, resource requirements & utilization, and mission & mission statements. Furthermore, the course educates to analyze key performance indicators (KPIs),  set performance indicators, and SWOT analysis.


Who Should Attend?


It's an ideal course for anyone that deals with operational planning such as operational officers, project managers, HR executives, and process managers.

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