Dashboards on Excel



Course Overview 


This is a one day course that will enable attendees to create an interactive dashboard on MS Excel effectively, to create a dashboard that updates by a click of a refresh button, or by pasting new data into the Excel spreadsheet.


Participants will be able to utlize dashboards capabilities of Microsoft Excel and represent information into an easily understandable view with the learning of this course.

Course Duration 

1 Day


Course Content

The course begins with a basic understanding of dashboards and reports; it will cover principles and guidelines for dashboard design, number formatting, effective use of labels, switch the orientation of rows & column, and linking text to a cell. The course will teach about the use of charts; it will educate to create and format a chart, understand and change the chart types, create combination charts, and chart templates.

Furthermore, the user will learn to utilize tools such as chart axes, gridlines, data labels, and pivot tables. Attendees will know how to change summary calculations, suppress subtotals, show or hide data items, create bespoke navigation bars, link dashboards, and use named objects.

The course will teach to leverage handy functions such as the OFFSET function, MATCH function, using IF to organize the data tables, and using OR/AND operators to create Nested IF statements. The course demonstrates the user to create dynamic charts, use table formulas, use VLOOKUPs, OFFSETs, and Name range lists. Therefore, the users will be able to gain through understanding and expertise in the Microsoft Excel dashboards and its offered tools.


Who Should Attend?

This course is extraordinarily beneficial to anyone that works with dashboards, reports, and data. It is an ideal course for all Business intelligence developers.


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