Thomas TEIQ Certification

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Course Overview 


This course provides a complete idea about leveraging Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue). It's a psychometric assessment that can assess an individual's emotional functioning, relationship management abilities, emotional control, and individual's response under pressure.


 Course Description


This course will cover essential topics to understand and implement TEIQue. Attendees will be able to benefit in educating, coaching, and training people with the help of TEIQue. Participants will understand how to communicate and manage people with different personalities, values, attitudes, and mindsets. Attendees can implement TEIQue as a powerful tool to encourage self-awareness and behavioral modifications into their organization.


Course Duration 

1 Day


Course Content


This one day course will start with the basics of emotional intelligence. This course will enable attendees to assess emotional intelligence and understand the required emotional intelligence for a particular job. This course will also teach the individual to implement the process of feedback for more effectiveness.


This course will explain various applications of emotional intelligence into an organization, including talent selection, employee coaching, and leadership. Attendees will know more about the trait-based personality and TEIQue measures.


Participants will be able to use TEIQue appropriately to impact recruitment and development processes. Moreover, attendees will learn to interpret the generated reports.


Furthermore, the course covers the implementation of assessment into commercial situations to make efficient people decisions.



Who Should Attend?

This course would benefit most to human resource professionals, talent acquisition executives, business leaders, and managers.

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