Talent Management and Retention

القيادة والإدارة


Course Overview 


This is a tailored course for someone that wants to learn about managing individuals & teams and improve the performance of the organization. This course will enable attendees to create a work environment of growth and enthusiasm by applying efficient talent management. It will allow attendees to identify, assess, and utilize talent by leveraging performance management systems. This course will boost organizational growth with employee engagement and long term retention.



 Course Description


This course will revolve around the essentials of talent management and resource retention. This course will explain the range of learning methodologies that one can use in a professional career. It will cover related topics such as participation in new teams, individual-based projects, group discussions, debates, and compelling presentations for career growth.


Course Duration 

1 Day


Course Content


This one day course will provide an idea about the link between talent management and organizational strategy. It will enable attendees to put together an exceptional talent pool and to use business acumen against talent issues.


The course will educate about defining a model to mitigate any organizational risks effectively. Attendees will learn about performance management systems that can maximize employee capabilities with active resource engagement and retention. Holistic recruitment and retention will offer a tremendous competitive advantage. This course will also provide an idea about analytics to build the optimum ecosystem.



Who Should Attend?

This course will offer significant benefits to talent managers, career development specialists, recruitment executives, company leadership and human resource professionals.

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