Strategic Planning

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Course Overview 


Strategic planning can help organizations through many of its operations. This course provides an extensive understanding of strategic planning in how one can leverage it for their benefit. This course explains why mission and vision are so significant to any organization's growth and have core values that can define the organization's progress towards a set target.



 Course Description


This course will cover essential topics about strategic planning.  Any organization has some risks that can cause harm to the organization's growth. Therefore leaders need to assess such risks and weaknesses to construct an efficient strategic plan as per the needs.


On top of that, tutors will share their invaluable real-life learnings and experience that they have gained through their careers on an international platform. It will allow attendees to understand organizational growth, operations, market positioning, responsibility area ownership, and efficient communication of the plan.


Course Duration 

2 Days


Course Content


The course will start with the focus on the strategic planning process on the first day. It will begin with the understanding of strategic planning; it's benefits, and how to prepare for the strategic planning process. It will educate to analyze the organization's state and define clear mission, vision & core values to progress. Attendees will be able to gather data and asses organizational weaknesses. Participants will be able to forecast Immediate or long term results with strategic planning.


On the second day, the course will forward to the process of strategic planning. It will explain various aspects related to process planning, such as needs prioritization, risk identification, evaluating tactics, and optimizing resources. It will explain how to outline a plan along with the budget, designing the process, and share guidelines for progress. The course will also teach about performing a SWOT analysis. Attendees will be able to document, communicate, update, and revise their strategic plans adequately by the end of the course.



Who Should Attend?


This course would be very beneficial to individuals who are in decision making positions such as company directors, company executives, Managers, Senior Administrators, and operational consultants.

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