Sales Skills for beginner

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Course Overview 


Sales skills can come quite handy in all aspects of life, and they can be mastered over time by practicing. This course is a starting point for a beginner that is enthusiastic about being a salesperson. This course focuses on understanding the customer and proposing value creation to generate more sales and improving customer engagement.


Course Description


This course covers a variety of essential topics that a beginner needs to learn to pursue a career as a professional salesperson. Attendees will learn about sales mindset & skillset, understanding customers, understanding customer's needs, and how to sell any service or product by engaging them and solving customer's problems.

Course Duration 

1 Day


Course Content


The course starts with the basics of sales skill set, including write personal habits to improve sealing effectiveness. This course explains the different steps of the sales process and how to get the best out of them. The course includes teachings to negotiate and handle any objections successfully. Cushion covers customer relationship management basics to generate everlasting business relationships.


It will also get an idea about sales call or client visit preparation. The course will provide a great idea about understanding customer needs and the selling points. The course will also enable sales beginners to create credibility and trust among customers. Attendees will also learn to handle buyers with different agendas, objections, and sales obstacles.


The course will thoroughly cover steps to develop a sale and winning it. It will enable attendees to analyze sales tactics with outcomes.


Moreover, the course emphasizes on customer relationship basics to form secure business connections. By the end of the course, the attendee will be able to gain the right sales attitude, master customer communication, and influence outcomes of sales opportunities.


Who Should Attend?


This course will benefit most to salespeople, startup owners, entrepreneurs, business development executives, customer support executives, and aspiring sales candidates.


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