Sales Planning & Management

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Course Overview 


The sales team is the most crucial part of any organization’s operations. This course is built to enable attendees to understand and implement the essentials of sales planning and management. Participants will be able to become a successful salesperson, manage the sales team, interview candidates, train sales beginners, set defined targets, and evaluate sales performance with the help of this course. The course will also share practices for sales compensation to keep sales performers motivated while promoting sales performance.


 Course Description


This course covers a range of topics that are essential to sales planning and management that can provide sales professionals with the required knowledge, skills, and tools to excel at sales. This course concentrates on improving forecasting and technical competencies for the salesperson that can benefit the organization.


Course Duration 

1 Day


Course Content


This course starts with the foundation of sales, starting from team-building with trust and relationship among the team. Furthermore, the course focuses on sales selecting and training salespeople. Attendees will be able to measure and improve sales performance, conduct sales meetings, develop sales forecasts, and motivate the sales team to achieve the set targets.


Who Should Attend?


This course would benefit significantly from those who are passionate about pursuing a career in sales. It is an ideal course for chief sales officers, sales managers, sales executives, business development managers, and business development executives.

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