Financial Statements Analysis

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Course Overview 


This course revolves around the subject of financial accounting and finance for IT professionals. This course covers the essentials of financial statements, including balance sheets, statements of cash flow, and invoice statements. It also incorporates vital topics such as time value of money, capital budgeting, and the time value of money. On top of that, numerical examples will make these lectures efficient.


 Course Description


This course will cover a variety of topics to address the idea of real options, their effect on the project's NPV, and the impact of this decision on determining whether to accept or reject any project.


On top of that, these cover offers a range of skills and experiences that tutors have gained through years of their international exposure. Attendees will be able to understand the financial performance and health of the company with an examination of critical financial ratios from the company's financial statements.

Course Duration 


1 Day



Course Content


The content of the course can be broken down into four areas of analysis: Income statements, Balance sheet & leverage ratio, cash flow statement, and rates of return & profitability.


The course covers essential subjects under the analysis of vertical and horizontal income statements, including income statement component reviews, detailed vertical & horizontal analysis, and benchmark income statement performance.


The course covers balance sheet component understanding, net/total asset turnover ratio, capital efficiency ratios. It includes inventory, accounts receivable, and account payable efficiency ratios. Attendees will learn to reduce the working capital funding gap and boost operational efficiency. Trend analysis is included to enable attendees to determine and forecast financial performance.


Furthermore, the teachings include cashflow component understanding, tools for debt financing (lease, bonds, and syndicated loans), equity (common/preferred shares), leverage ratios for debt to tangible net worth, and a total asset to equity. It will enable one to assess the operations of the organization.


Lastly, the course will cover profitability and return. It will teach to get the return on equity ratio, analyze profitability, and leverage ratios that lead to the pyramid of ratios. Attendees will be able to construct a pyramid of ratios and understand how the pyramid's primary, secondary, and tertiary rates are linked. The course will conclude with DuPont analysis and return on equity.



Who Should Attend?


The course will benefit those who work in financial planning and analysis (FP&A), Equity research, corporate development, investment advisory, credit analysis, and compliance.

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