Feasibility Study

ريادة الأعمال


Course Overview 

The feasibility study is essential to understand if a business venture, a great idea, or a new project is practical to work on. It's a strategic process to understand the project from different dimensions and to consider every significant aspect vital to the project before executing the plan and investing resources. The feasibility study also helps evaluate any possible risks and mitigate any damage that might come across in the future.


 Course Description


The course will cover a variety of chapters that enable attendees to leverage capital budgeting techniques and financial parameter analysis to appraise investments into a service or an industry. This course will allow attendees to create a feasibility study financial model on MS Excel along with hands-on training.


Tutor on the program leverage personal experiences and skills that they've gained at the international level and can offer essential success mantras to those aspiring entrepreneurial opportunities.

Course Duration 

1 Day


Course Content


The course starts with the basics of the feasibility study and its need, covering concepts of finance and time value of money. Essential topics will follow, including Discount rate understanding and calculation, cost of equity, the weighted average cost of capital calculation.


This course will cover depths for feasibility study conduction, including prerequisite information & research, assumption making vs. market research, Data collection and analysis, modeling right practices with an efficient layout, business types, and issues with different modeling types. Optimizing product pricings and structuring a dynamic cash flow model.



Who Should Attend?

This course would benefit most to organizational management team members, including senior management executives, functional managers, and project management teams.

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