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Course Overview


KPIs are a key part of any strategic management system, as they are critical to assessing the effectiveness of strategy implementation.

This workshop is designed to help participants who are working to find meaningful KPIs, find the best performance measurement, align measures to strategy, and use measures to drive improvement to reach targets and provides participants with practical tools to developing strategic and operational performance measures.


Course Description


The course delivery will be one day covering a broad range of topics and areas linked to explain how Strong KPIs provide insight into whether strategies are working, in programs, projects and services are on schedule, and on budget. KPIs focus employees' attention on what matters most to success, and allow for measurement of accomplishments.


Course Duration 


1 day


Course Content


  • What is KPI?
  • What is strategic
  • Strategic plan VS operation plan
  • The perfect KPI in CREAM technique
  • What are the KPI types?
  • Build the KPIs
  • Choosing the right KPI
  • Methodology to build KPI
  • KPI tree
  • Source of chosen KPI
  • Balance Scoured card (BSC)
  • Value Efficiency Analysis (VEA)
  • Targets
  • Baseline
  • KPI tools    


Who Should Attend?


  • Employees with performance measurement/ management responsibilities
  • Senior managers or leaders who are establishing, leading, and managing performance management
  • Managers, planners and analysts who are part of a strategic planning and management team
  • Employees who are in charge of any measurement systems
  • Budget analysts who need performance information to formulate budgets

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