Demand Forecasting

إدارة سلاسل الامداد النقل والخدمات اللوجستية


Course Overview 


This course will tell you how to make mirror reflection of market demand by applying effective solution of developing sales forecast.

Demand planning is the management process within an organization which enables that organization to tailor its capacity, either production or service, to meet variations in demand or alternatively to manage the level of demand using marketing or supply chain management strategies to smooth out the peaks and troughs.


The course delivery will be in one day covering a broad range of topics and areas linked to provide participants with an in-depth working knowledge of key demand and inventory planning policies, models and metrics. Participants will acquire the detailed knowledge needed to achieve and maintain an optimized inventory profile in their own organization.

Course Duration 

1 Day


Course Content

  • Building an integrated planning process
  • Integrating Supply & Demand Components
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Understanding popular statistical forecasting techniques 
  • Identifying which inventory control models to use and when
  • Selecting the best models for your products
  • Strategies to improve the match between supply and demand
  • Different forecasting tools and techniques
  • Essentials of S&OP and CPFR
  • The pros and cons of different inventory needs
  • Building Unconstrained Demand.
  • Demand versus Forecast
  • What is Sales Forecast?
  • Forecasting Techniques- QUALITATIVE & QUANTITATIVE
  • Forecasting Approaches-TOP-DOWN & BOTTOM-DOWN
  • Balanced Forecast
  • Forecast Accuracy Significance



Who Should Attend?

  • Managers and Planners responsible for Demand and Inventory Planning
  • Supply Chain Analysts
  • Consultants 

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