Fraud Prevention, Detection & Investigation

Fraud Prevention, Detection & Investigation


Course Overview 

This tailored program educates the attendee about financial fraud. Attendees will learn to identify and investigate fraudulent activities along with scenarios were computer-based investigations can be leveraged. 

In this single-day course, attendees get an extensive idea about fraud detection & audit techniques, law & accounting, practical audit & investigation of various frauds, collecting documentations & pieces of evidence for legal examination, and writing concise reports summerizing the fraud.

Course Duration 

1 Day


Course Content

Starting from the basic understanding of Procurement fraud, the course will progress and teach about various fraud indicators, conducting fraud awareness training, and defining the whistleblowing process against frauds. Attendees will be able to leverage Data Mining, Big Data, Monte Carlo simulations and Bayesian network as fraud detection mechanisms. This extensive program also instructs on how to respond against allegations, how idetify when someone is lying, different techniques for fraud interview, and reading the body language.

Participants will also learn about financial frauds, risk management programs and fraud auditing techniques. Digital frauds and Digtal forensics will also be covered in this course including Crybercrimes & IP thefts, Forensic interviews and forensic reports.



Who Should Attend?

Professionals involved in risk management, legal department, regulatory compliance, C-level executives, Internal auditors, and external auditors would benefit the most from this fraud detection & investigation course.

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