RH134 - Red Hat System Administration II

الحاسب الآلي وتقنية المعلومات


Improve comm and line productivity

o Run commands  more efficiently by using advanced  features of the bash shell, shell scripts, and

various utilities provided by Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Schedule future tasks

o Schedule commands to run in the future, either one time or on a repeating schedule.


Tune system performance

o Improve system performance by setting tuning parameters and adjusting  scheduling  priority of



Control accesst ofiles with ACLs

o Interpret and set access control lists (ACLs) on files to handle situations requiring complex user and

group access permissions.


Manage SELinux security

o Protect and manage the security of a server by using SELinux.


Maintain  basic storage

o Create and manage storage devices, partitions, file systems, and swap spaces from the command line.


Manage logical volumes

o Create and manage logical volumes containing file systems and swap spaces from the command line.


Implement advanced storage features

o Manage storage using the Stratis local storage management system and use VDO volumes to optimize

storage space in use.


Accessnet work-attached storage

o Use the NFS protocol to administer network-attached storage.


Control the boot process

o Manage the boot process to control services offered and to troubleshoot and repair problems.


Manage network security

o Control network connections to services using the system firewall and SELinux rules.


Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux

o Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux on servers and virtual machines.


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