Wireshark Certified Network Analyst (WCNA)

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Course Outlines:

Network Analysis and Wireshark

Capture Methods and Use Capture Filters

Customize for Efficiency: Configure Your Global Preferences

Navigate Quickly and Focus Faster with Coloring Techniques

Focus on Traffic Using Display Filters

Network and Application Issues with Time Values & Summaries

Create and Interpret Basic Trace File Statistics

TCP/IP Communications with Resolutions Overview

Analysis of DNS Traffic,  ARP Traffic and IPv4 Traffic

Analysis of ICMP Traffic, UDP Traffic

TCP Protocol

Graph Traffic Characteristics

Analysis of HTTP Traffic

Analysis of  TLS-Encrypted Traffic (HTTPS)

Reviewing Key Troubleshooting Steps


Virtual Lab Practice:

Lab 1: Capture Traffic to/from Your Hardware Address

Lab 2: Create Your Troubleshooting Profile

Lab 3: Set Basic Preferences for Your Troubleshooting Profile

Lab 4: Find, Mark, Save, and Colorize Packets

Lab 5: Detect and Colorize High Latency Indications

Lab 6: Find the Top Talkers and Protocols/Applications on a Network

Lab 7: Create and Use an IO Graph to Spot Performance Issues

Lab 8: Locate a Text String in a Trace File

Lab 9: Create a Coloring Rule to Detect DNS Error Responses and Suspicious DNS Responses

Lab 10: Analyze a Network Problem Indicated by ARP

Lab 11: Filter on a Range of IPv4 Addresses

Lab 12: Detect Suspicious Traffic with a New ICMP Coloring Rule

Lab 13: Analyze UDP-Based Multicast Streams and Queuing Delays

Lab 14: Use an IO Graph to Locate TCP Performance Issues

Lab 15: Determine Who is at Fault and Work with Multiple Trace Files

Lab 16: Determine the Cause of Slow File Downloads

Lab 17: Use TCP Graphs to Detect the Cause of Performance Problems

Lab 18: Create a Filter Expression Button to Detect HTTP Error Responses

Lab 19: Export an HTTP Object

Lab 20: Decrypt HTTPS Communications

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