AWS Developer Associate

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Table of Contents:
Program Overview
Program Features
Delivery Mode
Target Audience
Key Learning Outcomes
Certification Details and Criteria
Course Curriculum
About Us
Program Overview:
Enhance your proficiency with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. The
AWS Developer Associate Certification will empower you to develop and deploy robust
AWS cloud applications. This course combines instructor-led training courses, live
demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and simulation exams to help you pass the exam on
your first attempt. You will master the implementation of cloud security best practices and
understand what it takes to become an AWS Developer Associate.
Program Features:
40 hours of Instructor-led training
3 simulation exams (60 questions each)
45+ Assisted Practices of AWS services
10 Lesson End Projects, with AWS console
Practice assignment after every lesson
AWS select technology partner
3 Course End Projects
To apply for the AWS Developer Associate certification, you should:
Complete the AWS Technical Essentials course, OR have significant hands-on professional
experience with various AWS services
Understand stateless and loosely coupled distributed applications
Be familiar with the development of API interfaces
Have a basic understanding of relational and non-relational databases and familiarity with
messaging and queuing services
Target Audience:
The AWS Certified Developer Associate Level exam is designed for developers with at least one
year of experience coding solutions using AWS for Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon
DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon
Simple Workflow Service, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS CloudFormation.
Key Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this online AWS Developer Associate course, you will be able to:
Write code and design scalable applications
Implement application security and testing
Develop expertise with key AWS components such as S3, DynamoDB, Elastic Beanstalk, and
Certification Details and Criteria:
Complete one batch of live classes
Complete one project and one simulation test with a minimum score of 60 percent
Course Curriculum:
AWS Overview
Section Introduction
Introduction to AWS
Core AWS Services
Accessing AWS Services
Assisted Practice:Set up the AWS Command Line Interface
Assisted Practice: Set Up AWS SDK
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
Section Introduction
Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing
Amazon Machine Image
Amazon EC2 instance IP addressing
EC2 Instance Metadata
Assisted Practice: Create a Linux Based EC2 Instance
Assisted Practice: Create a Windows Based EC2 Instance
Assisted Practice: Launch an EC2 Linux Instance and install a webserver using user data
Assisted Practice: EC2 instance Connect
Assisted Practice: Create Custom AMI
Assisted Practice: Launch an Instance Using a Custom AMI
Introduction to Amazon EBS
EBS Snapshot
Assisted Practice: Create and Attach an EBS Volume to a Linux Instance
Assisted Practice: Create a Snapshot of an Existing EBS Instance
Elastic File System
Difference between EFS and EBS
Auto Scaling
Amazon Elastic Load Balancer
Types of Amazon Load Balancers
Assisted Practice: Set Up an Autoscaled Environment
QnA Knowledge Checks
Lesson End Project
Amazon Storage Services
Section Introduction
Introduction to Amazon S3
Assisted Practice: Creating an S3 bucket
Version Control in Amazon S3
Assisted Practice: Configure an S3 Bucket for versioning
Static Web Hosting
Amazon S3 Policies
Assisted Practice: Configure an S3 Bucket for Static Website Hosting
Amazon S3 Storage Classes
Amazon S3 pricing tiers
S3 Select and S3 Glacier Select
Sharing an S3 bucket between multiple accounts
Backup and DataSync
Amazon CloudFront
Assisted Practice: Configure a new CloudFront distribution with an S3 bucket
QnA Knowledge Checks
Lesson End Project
Databases on AWS
Section Introduction
Introduction to Databases
Amazon RDS
Assisted Practice: Create an RDS Database Instance
Amazon DynamoDB
Assisted Practice: Create a Table Using the DynamoDB Console
DynamoDB concepts
Amazon ElastiCache
QnA Knowledge Checks
Lesson End Project
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
Section Introduction
Introduction to Amazon VPC
Assisted Practice: Create a Custom VPC
Amazon VPC Components
IP Addresses
Elastic Network Interface
VPCs and Subnets
Internet Gateways
Network Address Translation (NAT) Gateway
Controlling Traffic in Amazon VPC
VPC Peering
Assisted Practice: Create and Accept a VPC Peering Connection
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connections
Assisted Practice: Demonstrate a VPN connection
QnA Knowledge Checks
Lesson End Project
Amazon Route 53
Section Introduction
Domain Name System (DNS)
Introduction to Amazon Route53
Amazon Route 53 Concepts and Terminologies
Amazon Route 53 Policies
Assisted Practice: Register a new domain name
Assisted Practice: Create a Public Hosted Zone
Route53 Best Practices
Amazon Route 53 Costs
Limitations of Amazon Route 53
QnA Knowledge Checks
Lesson End Project
IAM and security on AWS
Section Introduction
Introduction to Identity and Access Management
Terminologies in AWS IAM
IAM Users
Assisted Practice: Create an IAM user
IAM Groups
Assisted Practice: Creating and Addng IAM used to an IAM group
IAM Roles
Assisted Practice: Creating an IAM role for an IAM user
IAM Policies
Assigning role to AWS Services
Assisted Practice: Use IAM roles with EC2
AWS Cognito
AWS Single Sign-On
Assisted Practice: Enable AWS Single Sign-On for a user
AWS Multi Factor Authentication
Assisted Practice: AWS Multi Factor Authentication
AWS Key Management Service
QnA Knowledge Checks
Lesson End Project
Application and Serverless Services in AWS
Section Introduction
Introduction to Amazon Application Services
Amazon Simple Queue Service
Assisted Practice: Demonstrate SQS
Amazon SNS
Assisted Practice: Demonstrate SNS
Amazon SNS vs. Amazon SQS
Amazon API Gateway
Amazon Kinesis
Event Processing
Introduction to AWS Serverless Services
Assisted Practice: Create a Serverless Webpage
Lambda concepts
Elastic Container Service
QnA Knowledge Checks
Lesson End Project
Monitoring on AWS
Section Introduction
Types of monitoring services in AWS
Introduction to CloudWatch
Assisted Practice: Creating Cloud Watch Alarms
AWS Billing Metrics
Introduction to AWS CloudTrail
Cloudwatch vs CloudTrail
AWS Monitoring Best Practices
QnA Knowledge Checks
Lesson End Project
Development and Deployment on AWS
Section Introduction
Introduction to CI/CD
Assisted Practice: Develop sample java program and access AWS resources
Assisted Practice: CodeCommit
Assisted Practice: CodeDeploy
Docker and CodeBuild
Assisted Practice: Docker and CodeBuild
Introduction to CLoudFormation
Assisted Practice: CloudFormation
Deploying using ElasticBeanstalk
QnA Knowledge Checks
Lesson End Project

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