BIG-IP APM Certification

الحاسب الآلي وتقنية المعلومات


• Getting started with the BIG-IP system

• APM Traffic Processing and APM Configuration Wizards

• APM Access Policies, Access Profiles

• Visual Policy Editor, Branches and Endings

• APM Portal Access and Rewrite Profiles

• Single Sign-On and Credential Caching

• APM Network Access and BIG-IP Edge Client

• Layer 4 and Layer 7 Access Control Lists

• APM Application Access and Webtop Types

• Remote Desktop, Optimized Tunnels and Webtop Links

• LTM Concepts including Virtual Servers, Pools, Monitors and SNAT’ing

• APM + LTM Use Case for Web Applications

• Visual Policy Editor Macros

• AAA Servers and Authentication and Authorizations with Active Directory and



• Endpoint Security with Windows Process Checking, Protected Workspace and



• iRules, Customizations and SAML


Setting Up the BIG-IP System

• Introducing the BIG-IP System

• Initially Setting Up the BIG-IP System

• Archiving the BIG-IP Configuration

• Leveraging F5 Support Resources and Tools

Configuring Web Application Access

• Review of BIG-IP LTM

• Introduction to the Access Policy

• Web Access Application Configuration Overview

• Web Application Access Configuration in Detail

• Exploring the Access Policy

• Navigating the Access Policy

Managing BIG-IP APM

• BIG-IP APM Sessions and Access Licenses

• Session Variables and session dump

• Session Cookies

• Access Policy General Purpose Agents List


Using Authentication

• Introduction to Access Policy Authentication

• Active Directory AAA Server


• One-Time Password

• Local User Database

• Understanding Assignment Agents

Configuring Portal Access

• Introduction to Portal Access

• Portal Access Configuration Overview

• Portal Access Configuration

• Portal Access in Action


Configuring Network Access

• Concurrent User Licensing

• VPN Concepts

• Network Access Configuration Overview

• Network Access Configuration

• Network Access in Action

Deploying Macros

• Access Policy Macros

• Configuring Macros

• An Access Policy is a Flowchart

• Access Policy Logon Agents

• Configuring Logon Agents


Exploring Client-Side Checks

• Client-Side Endpoint Security

Exploring Server-Side Checks

• Server-Side Endpoint Security Agents List

• Server-Side and Client-Side Checks Differences

Using Authorization

• Active Directory Query

• Active Directory Nested Groups

• Configuration in Detail

Configuring AppTunnels

• Application Access

• Remote Desktop

• Network Access Optimized Tunnels

• Landing Page Bookmarks

Deploying Access Control Lists

• Introduction to Access Control Lists

• Configuration Overview

• Dynamic ACLs

• Portal Access ACLs

• Signing On with SSO

• Remote Desktop Single Sign-On

• Portal Access Single Sign-On


Using iRules

• iRules Introduction

• Basic TCL Syntax

• iRules and Advanced Access Policy Rules

Customizing BIG-IP APM

• Customization Overview

• BIG-IP Edge Client

• Advanced Edit Mode Customization

• Landing Page Sections

Deploying SAML

• SAML Conceptual Overview

• SAML Configuration Overview

Exploring Webtops and Wizards

• Webtops

• Wizards

Using BIG-IP Edge Client

• BIG-IP Edge Client for Windows Installation

• BIG-IP Edge Client in Action

• Configuration Project

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