Project Management Professional (PMP)



Introduction: Project Management

o What is a Project?

o What is Project Management?

o Project vs Program vs Portfolio

o Project Life Cycle

o Project Manager and his Roles & Responsibilities

o Trends in Project Management

o Agile Considerations

o Importance of PMO

o Types of Organization and their influences in a project

o Other factors influencing a project

o Stakeholders and their influence in a project

Project Integration Management

o Develop Project Charter

o Develop Project Management Plan

o Direct and Manage Project Work

o Manage Project Knowledge

o Monitor and Control Project Work

o Perform Integrated Change Control

o Close Project or Phase

Project Scope Management


o Plan Scope Management o Collect Requirements

o Define Scope o Create WBS

o Validate Scope o Control Scope

Project Schedule Management


o Plan Schedule Management o Define Activities

o Sequence Activities

o Estimate Activity Durations

o Develop Schedule

o Control Schedule

Project Cost Management


o Plan Cost Management o Estimate Costs

o Determine Budget o Control Costs









    Project Management Professional (PMP) ®



Project Quality Management


o Plan Quality Management o Manage Quality

o Control Quality

Project Resource Management


o Plan Resource Management o Estimate Activity Resources o Acquire Resources

o Develop Team o Manage Team

o Control Resources

Project Communication Management


o Plan Communications  Management o Manage Communications

o Monitor Communications

Project Risk Management


o Plan Risk Management o Identify Risks

o Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

o Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

o Plan Risk Responses

o Implement Risk Responses

o Monitor Risks

Project Procurement Management


o Plan Procurement Management o Conduct Procurements

o Control Procurements

Project Stakeholder Management

o Identify Stakeholders

o Plan Stakeholder Management

o Manage Stakeholder Engagement

o Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

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